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GXP2200, the latest device as far as IP Telephony is concerned: the Enterprise version

I wrote an article recently regarding the technological miracle  called GXV 3140, an extraordinary Multimedia IP Phone that I have been using for one year and a half now and that I am very satisfied with. I have come to know all its secrets.

Today I want to talk to you about his little brother:  GXP 2200, that is currently the most sought model on the technological market.  This too is manufactured by the Grandstream Networks, whose main headquarters is in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. It was founded in 2002.

With the use of GXP 2200, the user’s experience with a videotelephone can only be increased. The GXP 2200 Enterprise Multimedia Phone  is equipped with the Linux-based operating system called Android, version 2.3.5 (many mobile phones have it) and it is an innovative device for any kind of business.

Many of you are already familiar with Grandstream’s revolutionary products.  You are probably already a user of GXV 3140 (the Keypad Multimedia IP Phone, that I talked about in my previous article) or  of GXV 3175 (the touchscreen Multimedia IP Phone), the latter being part of Grandstream’s Enterprise Suite.

Being a user of Grandstream’s VoIP groundbreaking technology is an outstanding experience. To take this experience one step further, you must have the newest model GXP 2200 – the Enterprise Multimedia Phone for Android.

Let us now see how your experience will be different with this one. Some of the benefits that you will have are given by the following characteristics.

Having an Android operating system, users can download (just like in the case of mobile smartphones) compatible applications, such as Google Play; this can be done from the GS Market link. GS Market contains a series of pre-registyered applications, such as: Skype, Google Voice, Youtube, Facebook, Pandora or Twitter.  These can be installed from external peripherals (stocking devices) such as an SD card or a Flash USD device.

Bluetooth is supported. The users of mobile smart phones are already familiar with what a Bluetooth can do: it facilitates wireless communication and paring between two or more devices. It can also be use to import your contacts from your mobile phone into your GXP 2200 Enterprise Multimedia IP Phone, thus flexibility is maximized. And mobility too. Because just like in the case of GXV 3140, this too is a portable device. You can take it anywhere with you as long as an internet connection is around.

But GXP 2200 is better than GXV 3140. In the way that it can have 6 SIP accounts instead of only 3, it can store 1000 contacts in your phonebook instead of 500, as the other.

The video, audio and image formats supported are the following:  video – MP4, audio – AAC, MP3, OGG, MMA, AMR, WAV, MIDI, VORBIS  and image – jpg, gif, png and bmp.  For example, you can watch your favorite movie in an MP4 format on GXP2200’s 480×27 inch screen, streaming from an external peripheral such as an SD card or a Flash USB or you can stream directly from the web-browser that is built-in the IP Phone.

This IP phone’s screen is smarter than that of GXV 3140 in the sense that it is a capacitive screen. The GXP2200 IP Phone is a combination between a keypad Multimedia IP Phone and a touchscreen Multimedia IP Phone.

Last but not least, I’d like to mention the videoconferencing feature. Just like GXV 3140, GXP2200 has a videoconferencing feature built-in, but there is a lot of improvement. With GXV 3140 you could make 3-way calls (3-way videoconferencing) but now you can do twice as much. GXP2200 enable 6-way calls (6 way videoconferencing). There is so much more to living the Grandstream experience than this.

So if you haven’t made yet your shopping list for 2013, now is the time to do it. And don’t forget to mention this at the top of your list. This is a must-have.

For further details you can reach me at 0040364179068 or at naturasiculoare@gmail.com.


Foto credit: Grandstream website


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