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EXCLUSIVE Interview by Radar de Media. Mariya Yaremchuk, the Ukrainean representative in Eurovision 2014: „One look is worth a thousand words”



Mariya Yaremchuk will represent Ukraine in Eurovision 2014 with the song „Tick-tock”. If you want to know more about her and the show she is preparing for Copenhagen, you can read the interview below:

Hi! It’s been almost 5 months since you won the Ukrainian NF for Eurovision 2014. Tell us what have you been doing since then and how do you feel as the representative of Ukraine in Eurovision 2014?

Hello! To be a part of Eurovision is a breath-taking feeling! I’ve always dreamed to participate in Eurovision, to represent my country, to sing for European audience. My dream came true and I will do my best to get good results and to make all European hearts tick-tock with my song. During these months I worked all days long. Rehearsals are my usual part of every day. I’ve visited London and Amsterdam. It was really amazing to present my song there and to feel emotions and energy of people!

Ukraine is one of the few countries that never missed a qualification for the Eurovision Final. Are you worried that you might be the first participant not to qualify?

I don’t focus on that. It always might be „a first time”, but I hope not this year. It’s a contest and it’s a viewer’s choice. So we’ll see. I don’t like to predict. My goal is to represent my country in the best possible way, to challenge myself and to sing my song to all European hearts.

How can you describe your song in one sentence?

Tick-Tock is a love story that tells about our life-searching of the true felling.

You will participate in the first Semifinal. Dou you see this as an advantage, or you would’ve preferred the second Semifinal?

I think It’s doesn’t matter. If people enjoy the song it would definitely sound in the Final.

Can you reveal something from the show you are preparing for Copenhagen?

Of course…. no! We are working on my stage performance almost every day. And only I can say: one look is worth a thousand words. I hope you’ll enjoy our show.

You are very beautiful and a lot of Eurovision fans see you as the “Miss Eurovision” of this year. Do you think that will be a plus for you in order to obtain a good result in Eurovision?

Oh, I even don’t know about that. Im very pleased as every girl would be. Thanks to all my fans, you are amazing!!! But Eurovision is a music contest first of all, so I will try to show my best results on the Eurovision stage.

Have you listened to the other competing songs? Which ones do you like?

I like many this year songs. Each of them is unique and worth listening! I wish good luck to every contestant.

What do you think about the Romanian entry for Eurovision 2014?

I remember Paula and OVI performance some years ago. It was great and they achieved really good result. We met in Amsterdam at „Eurovision in Concert” and talked a little, they are really very nice guys. I wish them all the best!

What else do you know about Romania?

I was in Romania several times. It’s very beautiful and romantic country! Gorgeous mountains, wonderful sea – love is everywhere, even in the air!

Besides a win or a good position in Eurovision, what other expectations do you have from this participation?


Eurovision is not just a music competition; it’s also a great opportunity to meet and to communicate with people on their native languages.

Leaving Eurovision aside, what should your fans from Romania know about your music career?

I sing since childhood and I believe that my addiction to music is genetic gift from my father. He was a famous Ukrainian singer, who influenced Ukrainian music.

In the end, do you have a message for your Romanian fans?

Thank you all for your support and believing. It’s very important to me! I will do my best and make unforgettable show on the Eurovision stage!

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