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EXCLUSIVE Interview Radar de Media. Ruth Lorenzo, the Spanish representative in Eurovision 2014: „I really think that Romania can win Eurovision this year!”




Ruth Lorenzo will represent Spain in Eurovision 2014 with the song „Dancing in the rain”. Since the song is viewed as one of the favourites to win the competition, we made an interview with Ruth, wich you can read below:

Hi! It’s been almost two months since you won the Spanish National Final. How does it feel to be representing Spain in Eurovision 2014?

It feels amazing! I actually still can’t believe it, it’s a dream come true! I think I’ll realize what it is as soon as I stand on that stage for the first rehearsal.

In the last decade, except for 2012, the results of Spain in Eurovision where rather poor. What does “Dancing in the rain” have that the previous Spanish songs lacked, in order to obtain a good placing?

The first important change is that most of the song is in English. I think it is important that the whole of Europe understand the message of my song, but I also added parts in Spanish because I am representing Spain. Also, my song has a message of hope and it’s not a sad song, which I think really helps too.

How can you describe your song in one sentence?
I’ve tried to create hymn of hope that helps people to get through bad moments, like it helped me when I wrote it.

Spain is directly qualified for the Big Final of Eurovision 2014, which means that a lot of viewers will hear your song only once. Do you consider it an advantage or a disadvantage?
I’m not sure…. Of course it’s an advantage to already be in the final but you have a point!

Can you reveal something from the show you are preparing for Copenhagen?
We have created something that really works with the progression of my song.

Do you think that a good song and a strong voice are enough to win Eurovision?
I think that those are the two most important points, but you also need to promote your work around Europe.

Have you listened to the other competing songs? Which ones do you like?
Yes! I love the United Kingdom, Ireland, Armenia, Denmark and of course Conchita!

What do you think about the Romanian entry for Eurovision 2014?
I love it! I think this year there are lots of slow songs and the Romanian song makes me dance! I think it’s full of energy and I love the combination of male & female voices, which is not something you usually find. It’s got good chances of winning I think!

What else do you know about Romania?
I have many Romanian friends in Spain! You a very warm and welcoming people!

Besides a win or a good position in Eurovision, what other expectations do you have from this participation?
I want to enjoy it and have fun! I think I am going to learn so much too. I mean, it’s one of the biggest music events in the world!

Leaving Eurovision aside, what should your fans from Romania know about your music career?

I have been fighting all my life for music, and now is the moment I am showing the world my songs, which is like my diary, so I hope you enjoy them ;I

In the end, do you have a message for your Romanian fans?

I hope you enjoy my performance and I really hope to visit your country soon!

Read the translation of the interview here!

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