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EXCLUSIVE Interview with Magdalena Tul, the Polish representative in Eurovision 2011



Magdalena Tul will represent Poland in Eurovision 2011 with the song ,,Jestem”. She will open the show this year, entering with number 1 in the first Semifinal.

Magda will also open the rehearsals session wich will start this Sunday in Dusseldorf, but before she left to Germany she found the time to answer some questions for us.

It’s been almost two months since you won the Polish National Final. How do you feel as a Eurovision participant?
It took me quite a long time to realize that I would represent Poland in Dusseldorf and I must tell you that I didn’t find it easy. There were a lot of decisions I had to make and a lot of work including the organization of my performance and participation in numerous rehearsals. And there are still a lot of things to be done. I’m a little fed up with all those preparations and I’m really looking forward to going there.

How can you describe your song in one sentence?
The song has a double meaning for me. It highlights the strengths of the fair sex, but in my view, it is the energy and strength of a woman who knows what she wants. Jestem means Here I am.

,,Jestem” also has an English version. Why did you decide to sing in Polish in Dusseldorf?
The song was written in Polish and I performed the Polish version during the National Finals. After winning, I considered the possibility of recording a promotional English version. But during the week preceding the notification, there appeared a slightly rearranged English version that I had sent to Dusseldorf. But I didn’t have much time to think through this decision and timely withdrew the application, replacing it with the Polish version. I think that my intuition told me this, but it was also the e-mails that I received from my fans that helped me take this decision. As I have said in other interviews, it is a good opportunity to present one’s mother language.

What do you think counts more for a song to succeed in Eurovision?
In my view, the song is the most important thing. The whole performance revolves around it and its success depends on it.

Can you reveal something from the show you are preparing for Dusseldorf?
Compared with my performance in Poland, it is going to be completely different and a little more ,,feminine”. But if I reveal any more details now, I won’t be able to surprise you.

You will open Eurovision 2011. How do you feel about that?
I’m performing my song at the very beginning of the first Semifinal. It was my deliberate decision. Before leaving for the organizational meeting, Maria (the manager of the Polish delegation) asked me what starting position I would choose if she drew a wildcard. As a matter of fact, she did draw the first wildcard. So it was before she left that I had decided to choose number 1. It was my lucky number during the national Preselection in spite of the fact that almost everybody said it was the worst of possible starting positions. Instead of complaining, I just started to look on the bright sides of it. Isn’t it fantastic to begin your show for which everybody was waiting impatiently? And isn’t it far less stressful if you open the contest? There is only one disadvantage; we are also the first ones to have our rehearsal. It is held at 9:00 a.m.

What are your thoughts regarding the first Semifinal?
I’d like to successfully realize on stage what I have intended and what I have planned. It would be great to have a chance to compete in the Final.

Have you listened to the other competing songs? Which ones do you like?
I have listened to most of the compositions and each of them includes something that I like. I must admit that they are of very high quality. It is hard to be objective in my case because it is for the first time that I’ve been really interested in the contest for obvious reasons, but I think that at least a few songs have a chance to become world hits.

What do you think about the Romanian song for Eurovision 2011?
I like Hotel FM and Change it’s very catchy and powerful song.

What else do you know about Romania?
I’ve never been to Romania but I hope I’ll have a chance to visit you. Such interviews provide a good oportunity to broaden one’s knowledge about a particular country, but if you really want to gain some knowledge about the social and cultural life of its inhabitants, you should go and stay there for a certain period of time. Mere bookish knowledge is not enough. As far as Romanian music is concerned, the TV programme Jaka to melodia (Name That Tune), in which I regularly perform, has already hosted the two Romanian bands: Akcent and Morandi.


Which countries will you visit on your promo tour?
I attended the concert in Amsterdam. I will be in Greece too. I focus on the preparations, performances. I do not plan a promotional tour. I think that those who will enjoy my song will just vote for it. If they don’t , even the tour will not help.

Besides a win or a good position in Eurovision what other expectations do you have from this participation?
I would like the Polish audience to be proud of my performance. The most important thing is to be able to say to yourself: ,,You have really done your best!” I hope I’ll be able to say something like this after my performance.

Leaving Eurovision aside, what should your fans from Romania know about your music career?
I’m a Polish singer, who has had several years of experience in musical theater. I also work as a session singer and I’m involved in dubbing. The Polish audiences know me mainly from the ntertainment television program entitled Name That Tune, where I perform well-known songs. I’ve also been developing my composing skills and I keep creating and producing new songs. I recorded one album in English language entitled V.O.H.-The Victory Of Heart. The song Jestem (I am) is one of the latest proposals.
My adventure with music began quite early. As far as I can remember, it was already in my childhood that I wanted to have an education in music. I begged of my dad to buy me small keyboards so that I could play the well-known tunes I listened to on the radio. My first dream was to attend a school of music and then a sports school because I fell for ice dancing. Despite the fact that there were a few gifted people in my family, including my dad and my grandfather who used to play the violin and my brother who played the guitar, my parents didn’t take music too seriously and they treated it only as a hobby. However, they let me develop various skills and encouraged me to make my own choices. At the age of 12, I joined the junior band and soon I decided that singing was what I’d like to do in my future life and since then everything has been revolving around it.

In the end, do you have a message for your Romanian fans?
First of all, I’d like to thank you for the nterview and your attention. I wish you the best of luck at Eurovision. Your song Change is really fantastic and I hope we shall meet in the Final. Warm greetings from Poland for Hotel FM and all the readers.

Big thanks to Magda for the interview!

You can listen to ,,Jestem” below:



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