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EXCLUSIVE Interview with Maja Keuc, the Slovenian representative in Eurovision 2011



Maja Keuc will represent Slovenia in Eurovision 2011 with the song ,,No one”. Even if she is only 19 years old she managed to convince the Slovenian public with her amazing voice and they gave her their votes and sent her to Dusseldorf.

Although she is very busy with the Eurovision preparations, Maja found the time to give an interview for Radar de Media. If you are curious to find out more about her and the show she is preparing for Dusseldorf or how well is the Romanian music known in Slovenia, don’t hesitate and read the interview.

You won EMA 2011. Was that a surprise for you?
Everyone who competes gets a hope, but honestly – no I did not expect that I can win. I would like to say thanks to the people of Slovenia for their support. It is a great honor and pleasure to represent Slovenia in ESC 2011.

Your song got a good feedback from the eurofans. Are you confident that you can obtain a good result?
ESC is not the Olympics, so I want the best possible outcome. This is a competition, isn’t it? Well, I’m realistic. I know that dreams are achievable, but maybe not at this moment. I apreciate the support from the Eurofans, but I don’t worry about the result. It will be enough time to do this in Düsseldorf.

Last time Slovenia reached the Eurovision Final in 2007. Since then the results went from bad to worse. Do you think you can break the streak of bad luck and qualify?
I have number 13! That number is magical, and definitely gets into the Final!

Will ,,No one” have an official video? When will it be filmed? What will be the story behind the video?
Yes, it will. Next week we are going to start. It is about the ever present triangle of love and insincerity between a woman and a man. Vanilla is the smell of an unknown woman (No one) who comes between two lovers. They both know that this smell is strong enough to break them apart, but they don’t want to admit it.

Can you reveal something from the show you are preparing for Dusseldorf?
All singers are probably preparing something special, something which would attract people’s attention. Well, my team is also creating something in this direction, but let it remain a secret.

You will compete in the second Semifinal. What do you think about that? Is it an advantage or you would’ve prefered the first Semifinal?
It is a very strong group. It has many potential winners. This will be a beautiful and exciting evening. It doesn’t matter in which semifinal I am. There are no speculations and calculations. If my song is good enough, it will go to the Final; if not….. we remain in the Semifinals.

Have you listened to the other competing songs? Which ones do you like?
I have followed them, but unfortunately not very precise. Lately my life has changed so completely and there is not a lot of spare time. I am focused on the second semi-final, so I can only say that the competition is very strong and interesting. Favorites? Hopefully people like the scent of Vanilla, or don’t they?

What do you think about the Romanian song for Eurovision 2011?
Hotel FM with Change is one of the favorite songs in Slovenia. It is in top 5 according to my sister’s list of possible winners. Therefore – You hit the heart and I wish you good luck! I wish them a flawless performance and hope to see them in the Saturday Final, of course.

We know you will take part at Eurovision in Concert on the 9th of April in The Netherlands. Will you visit other countries on your promo tour?
I hope so! I am going to former Yugoslav Republics, Germany and The Netherlands so far.

Besides a win or a good position in Eurovision what other expectations do you have from this participation?
– Meet new interesting people
– Get in new relationships
– Enjoy every moment
– Have fun


Leaving Eurovision aside, what should your fans from Romania know about your music career?
My actual music career has only just begun and there are so many options in front of me. Many possibilities, a few different strategies, but everything is still open. I have a CD on the way that will appear after ESC 2011. Otherwise, we will see. After all, I only have 19 years.

In the end, do you have a message for your Romanian fans?
Be proud of your song and support Romanian music as much as you can. You have a lot of good dance music that caresses the soul and we love even in Slovenia (e.g. Dj Sava & Raluka, Chris Mayer, ….).

Radar de Media thanks Maja for her time and we hope to keep in touch.

You can listen to ,,No one” the song that Maja will sing in Dusseldorf below:

Photo credit: Dejan Nikolic



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